Sisters of Mercy North Sydney

Mission Education

Mercy Mission Education

Our Main Aim

In 2009 the Sister of Mercy, North Sydney created a Mercy Mission Education Unit. The main aim of the unit is to provide support and assistance in maintaining the Mercy values and mission within the schools and sponsored works that the Sisters' of Mercy North Sydney have had connections with over a century. The unit is able to consult with members of your organisation to form tailor made professional development or student education workshops.

Program Overviews

Connecting with your Mercy Heritage

The story of Catherine McAuley and the History of the Formation of the Sisters of Mercy in Ireland and to Australia is told. Links with the organisation and its Mercy Heritage are explored.

Mercy Values

Staff will participate in the unraveling of what it means to be a member of a Mercy community. They will reflect on and examine the Mercy philosophy of education or service.

Mercy Signs, Symbols and Rituals

Staff will be involved in the exploration of Mercy signs, symbols and rituals in organisations to promote the Mercy values. There are examples of ways in which "Mercy" has been integrated into the curriculum.

Mercy in the 21st Century

Information about the work of the Sisters of Mercy around the world, Australia and locally is disseminated. Discussions about how the organisation can support the work of the Sisters through advocacy or practical support is discussed.

Year 6 - Mercy Leadership

Students from Year 6 visit Monte Sant Angelo to hear the story of Catherine and reflect on what "Leadership in Mercy" means to them.

The Story of Mercy

The story of Catherine McAuley and the work of the Sisters of Mercy is presented to the students.

A Mercy Story In Peru


This is the way you must do it — one person at a time, one opening of the figurative door, one embrace of the stranger, one welcoming of the other, one sharing of our bread and milk — one person at a time.